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Dear Delegate,

Virginia voters will be watching how you vote on HJ 578, a "Fourth Amendment for the 21st Century," and we want to know whose side you are on.

Do you support government spying on the emails, phone calls, and data of innocent, law-abiding Virginians?

Do you want government snooping in our backyards, fields, and pastures, even using drones like peeping Toms?

Do you support or tolerate government lawlessness?

Do you believe the phrase “ignorance of the law is no excuse” should be applied to citizens but not government officials with search and seizure powers?


Are you on the side of people’s rights and security in their private data, personal communications, backyards and fields, and other property?

Do you believe that government officials should know, respect and be accountable to the law?

Do you believe that good, sound law enforcement applies to government officials and our vast bureaucracies?

If you support good government that provides people security in their property and their rights, then you should support HJ 578, a “Fourth Amendment for the 21st Century.”

I support our valiant police and sheriff departments.

I support good government.

I do not support lawless government, or government snooping on innocent, law-abiding Virginians.

I believe that the purpose of good law enforcement and good government is to protect our security and rights -- even against lawless government itself.

And I believe that our constitutional rights should be clear, and not so complicated that even lawyers and judges cannot understand them.

I support HJ 578.  I urge you to support HJ 578 too.

How you vote on HJ 578, a “Fourth Amendment for the 21st Century,” will tell me whose side you’re on:  Law-abiding citizens, or lawless government.

So please announce your support for HJ 578, the “Fourth Amendment for the 21st Century,” and vote to send it to the people for their vote.

Thank you.

Submitted by va4th_user on Thu, 01/22/2015 - 18:01